Project Archive Overview

The following projects have been completed in this group. Details can be found in the publications listed below.

(Shared) Mobility Systems

  • P. Vogel, J. F. Ehmke, D. C. Mattfeld (2017): Decision Support for Service Network Design of Bike Sharing Systems, accepted for publication in: Computational Logistics, LNCS, Springer.
  • V. Schmid, J. F. Ehmke (2015): Integrated timetabling and vehicle scheduling with balanced departure times. OR Spectrum, 37(4):903-928, doi 10.1007/s00291-015-0398-7.

Sustainable Routing

  • T. Bektas, J. F. Ehmke, H. N. Psaraftis, J. Puchinger (2018): The Role of Operational Research in Green Freight Transportation. European Journal of Operational Research, doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2018.06.001.
  • J. F. Ehmke, A. M. Campbell, B. W. Thomas (2016): Vehicle Routing to Minimize Time-Dependent Emissions in Urban Areas. European Journal of Operational Research, 251(2):478-494, doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2015.11.034.
  • J. F. Ehmke, A. M. Campbell, B. W. Thomas (2016): Data-Driven Approachs for Emissions-Minimized Paths in Urban Areas. Computers & Operations Research, 67:34-47, doi:10.1016/j.cor.2015.08.013.

Reliable Routing

  • J. F. Ehmke, A. M. Campbell, T. Urban (2015): Ensuring Service Levels in Routing Problems with Time Windows and Stochastic Travel Times. European Journal of Operational Research, 240(2):539-550, doi 10.1016/j.ejor.2014.06.045.
  • J. F. Ehmke, A. M. Campbell (2014): Customer Acceptance Mechanisms for Attended Home Deliveries in Metropolitan Areas. European Journal of Operational Research, 233(1):193-207, doi 10.1016/j.ejor.2013.08.028.

Service Analytics

  • C. Cleophas, J. F. Ehmke (2014): When are deliveries profitable? Considering order value and transport capacity in demand fulfillment for last-mile deliveries in metropolitan areas. BISE Business & Information Systems Engineering, 3:153-163, doi 10.1007/s12599-014-0321-9. This paper has also appeared in German language: Wann sind Lieferaufträge profitabel? Berücksichtigung des Auftragswertes und der Transportkapazität in der Tourenplanung für die "letzte Meile" in Ballungsräumen. Wirtschaftsinformatik, 3:173-184, doi 10.1007/s11576-014-0412-8
  • A. Winter, R. Alt, J. F. Ehmke, R. Haux, W. Ludwig, D. Mattfeld, A. Oberweis, B. Paech (2012): Manifest Kundeninduzierte Orchestrierung komplexer Dienstleistungen. Informatik Spektrum, 35(6):399-408.